PUBH6475 Module 5 Assignment Updated 2023

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PUBH6475 Program Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation

Module 5 Assignment  

Developing Evaluation Questions

Evaluation takes place at various points within a program's life cycle. It requires different types of questions to elicit the information needed to improve the program and determine its effectiveness. Some of the most commonly used questions are focused specifically on the processes, impacts, and outcomes of the program.

To prepare for this Assignment, review Chapter 13 of the course text. Reflect on the different methods of evaluation and the different types and purposes of program evaluation.

Develop a total of nine evaluation questions for your specific health promotion program—three process, three impact, and three outcome questions—and provide a brief explanation of how these different categories of questions differ from one another. Each set of evaluation questions should be specific to the health promotion program you are aleady developing and using for this course. Ask how, why, to what extent? Avoid questions that elicit a yes/no response.

Support your work with specific citations from this module’s Learning Resources and additional scholarly sources as appropriate.


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