Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

An online tutoring resource called BetterGrader was created to help students with their questions, assignments, and grades. Students are encouraged to seek answers to their academic questions from our archives of qualified online tutors in order to receive high-quality, in-depth, and timely answers. For Custom requirements you can contact us.

Our prices vary depending on the subjects, length of the assignment, difficulty of the question, and proximity to the deadline.
We are aware of the significance of responding as soon as possible. All of our subject matter experts place a high value on timely submissions. As a result, we promise that the solutions will be submitted by the date you specify. Depending on the workload and the tutors' availability, we might even be able to deliver the solutions within a few hours in some circumstances. We always promise to do our best to submit all of the answers as soon as possible.
At BetterGrader, we provide customer support around-the-clock. Visit to get started. Complete the fields and send us your message. We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible and take appropriate action. Additionally, you can contact us at [email protected].
No law prohibits you from seeking professional assistance from experts for your academic work; academic help is a legal service. All of our solutions are original. Through our solutions, we only support students in achieving academic success.
Since we value the time and effort subject matter experts put into your assignments and questions to make them 100% unique, BetterGrader does not offer any free trials. Our fees are reasonable. In order to ensure that students don't have to pay a high price, we also provide them with enticing discounts and reward points. From time to time we run promotional offers for the students.