Academic Integrity Policy

Given the abundance and accessiblity to data, students and professionals can explore all sorts of web-based resources to find almost anything they need for their academic success. However, it is very important to do proper research for reliability. We’re dedicated to providing high-quality academic resources to help you learn and study better to get better grades.

You are expected to abide by the Academic Policies of your institution. It is your academic responsibility to finish your assigned work, and your work must be unique. If you are referring to someone else's unique work, you must do so accurately. Your school, your teachers and your friends trust your legitimacy & honesty in your academics and/or profession. Hence do not misuse or use unfair means to accomplish your academic goals. We do not encourage any such malpractices also. We intend only to help students get a better understanding of their academic subjects and our experts are there for the same.

Also, when you use Better Grader, you are also bound by our Terms of use, Copyright Policy, and Honor Code. Make sure you are aware of and observe each of our rules when sharing and benefiting from our services.